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Example of iterating through JSON attributes in Gson

When working with Gson, in case of a JSON object having too many attributes or those attributes not being known upfront, it is not practical to (try to) convert the JSON object to a Java object (via fromJson() method). This situation will occur when you start working on your JSON assignment. The assignment includes calling Currency Converter API service that retrieves a list of countries.… Read More »

JSON assignment is now open

The JSON assignment is now open for submissions. Please find the assignment text in the JSON page for details.

JSON task is published

Task for the JSON badge has been published. Deadline for completing the task is 01.06.2017.

JSON task is announced

Task for the topic about JSON is announced on the JSON page. Deadline for the task completion for both groups is 23.05.2015. If you have any questions about the task text, please contact Nikola Milikic (

Lab Classes Schedule

The advanced course will be taught according to the following schedule: Tuesday 12:15-14:00h – Groups B1, B4 – Room A106 Thursday 14:15-16:00h – Groups B2, B3, B5 – Room A003

Website is launched

The website for The Advanced Course of the Principles of Programming has been launched. Here students can find all necessary information about specific topics that will be taught during the course. Also, details about specific assignments and tasks will be posted on this website. This website is powered with the BadgeOS badging platform. The idea… Read More »